This summer, our DOE Fellows will be participating in 10-week internships across the DOE Complex and at two universities. Twelve DOE Fellows will engage in research projects at DOE Headquarters in Maryland, DOE national laboratories (Savannah River Nat. Lab and Sandia Nat. Lab), Savannah River Ecology Lab, the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, University of Texas-Austin Nuclear and Applied Robotics Group, and San Jose State University. The Applied Research Center and the DOE Fellows Program wish our students a fond farewell and best of luck in their summer internship assignments.

DOE Fellows Summer 2017 Internships

Site Mentor(s) DOE Fellow(s)
Department of Energy Headquarters (DOE-HQ) Skip Chamberlain
Kurt Gerdes
Juan Morales

Mohammed Albassam

Department of Energy Headquarters (DOE-HQ) Robert Seifert Christine Wipfli
Savannah River National Lab (SRNL) Dan Kaplan Sarah Solomon

Ripley Raubenolt

Savannah River National Lab (SRNL) Aaron Washington
Connor Nicholson
Alexander Piedra
Savannah River Ecology Lab/Savannah River National Lab (SREL/SRNL) John Seaman
Brian Looney
Ron Hariprashad
Sandia National Lab Jake Deuel
Phil Heermann
Sebastian Zanlongo
Sandia National Lab Kristopher Klingler Andres Cremisini
University of Texas – Austin Mitch Pryor Michael Di Bono
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Don Reed
Tim Dittrich
Frances Zengotita
San Jose State University Dr. David Robertson
Dr. Annalise Van Wyngarden
Alejandro Hernandez

*Radiochemistry boot camp sponsored American Chemical Society and DOE Office of Science.

For additional information, please contact Dr. Leonel Lagos (


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