DOE/FIU Science & Technology Workforce Development Program


  • Adamandios Manoussakis 
(Electrical Engineering)

    Adamandios Manoussakis (Electrical Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Adamandios is a senior undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Florida International University.  His interests include communications, robotics, and embedded systems.  He is […]

  • Anthony Fernandez (Mechanical Engineering)

    Anthony Fernandez (Mechanical Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Anthony Fernandez is a junior undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at Florida International University (FIU). He worked as a student employee at the […]

  • Andrew De La Rosa (Computer Engineering)

    Andrew De La Rosa (Computer Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Andrew De La Rosa is a graduate student at Florida International University studying Computer Engineering with specialization in network and cybersecurity. He graduated in the Fall of […]



  • I am grateful to have been part of this program and the many values I learned throughout. Never will I forget my roots 🙂 You do an amazing job Dr. Leonel Lagos!!!

    Dania Castillo, (DOE Fellow – Class of 2012) now a Transportation Designer at HDR