DOE/FIU Science & Technology Workforce Development Program


  • Reinier Hernandez (Chemistry)

    Reinier Hernandez (Chemistry)

    About DOE Fellow Mr. Reinier Hernandez entered Florida International University in 2009 as a transfer student from a Radiochemistry Bachelor’s degree program from Havana, Cuba. Reinier received a Bachelor of Science […]

  • Rinaldo Gonzalez Galdamez (Mechanical Engineering)

    Rinaldo Gonzalez Galdamez (Mechanical Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Rinaldo Gonzalez Galdamez received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Florida International University. Born and raised in El Salvador, Rinaldo moved to the U.S in 2008. […]

  • Denny Carvajal (Biomedical Engineering)

    Denny Carvajal (Biomedical Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Denny Alejandro Carvajal graduated from Florida International University (F.I.U.) in the Summer of 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. During his studies, he worked as […]

  • Elsa Cabrejo (Environmental Engineering)

    Elsa Cabrejo (Environmental Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Elsa Cabrejo is completing her Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering at Florida International University. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Distrital in Bogota, […]

  • Jennifer Borges (Civil Engineering)

    Jennifer Borges (Civil Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow: Jennifer Borges graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the Honors College at Florida International University in the Summer of 2009. Ms. Borges […]

  • Melissa Sanchez (Environmental Engineering)

    Melissa Sanchez (Environmental Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Melissa Sanchez received a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering at Florida International University. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in December of 2010, she plans to continue her current […]

  • Shina Rana (Electrical Engineering)

    Shina Rana (Electrical Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Shina Rana is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering with Concentration in Communications from Florida International University. She is also a member of IEEE. Following graduation, […]

  • Sheidyn NG (Biomedical Engineering)

    Sheidyn NG (Biomedical Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Sheidyn Ng is currently a Senior Undergraduate student in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Florida International University. Previously, she has worked on nanotechnology projects as a Laboratory […]

  • Alexander Lopez (Environmental Engineering)

    Alexander Lopez (Environmental Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow: Alex Lopez graduated from Florida International University in the Fall of 2010 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Engineering. Alex previously participated in a summer […]

  • Kanchana Iyer (Biomedical Engineering)

    Kanchana Iyer (Biomedical Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Kanchana Iyer is was a Ph.D. Candidate in Biomedical Engineering. She has conducted her research under the support of the RISE Program, sponsored by the National Institutes of […]

  • Heidi Henderson (Environmental Engineering)

    Heidi Henderson (Environmental Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Heidi Henderson is currently pursuing her master’s degree in environmental engineering at Florida International University, focusing on water resources. Heidi was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL, […]

  • Janty Ghazi (Electrical Engineering)

    Janty Ghazi (Electrical Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Janty Ghazi holds a bachelors degree in electrical engineering from Florida International University specializing in both power and communication. He is currently working towards his Masters degree […]

  • Elicek Delgado-Cepero (Electrical Engineering)

    Elicek Delgado-Cepero (Electrical Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Mrs. Elicek Delgado-Cepero graduated with a Cum Distinction from University of South Florida in December 2009. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Her research […]

  • Givens Cherilus (Electrical Engineering)

    Givens Cherilus (Electrical Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Givens Cherilus was inducted as a DOE fellow in 2010. He graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering while in the Honors College. His […]

  • Maite Barroso (Civil Engineering)

    Maite Barroso (Civil Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Maite graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering with Concentration in Environmental Engineering. At FIU, she was also serving as the FIU Chapter […]

  • Yulyan Arias (Environmental Engineering)

    Yulyan Arias (Environmental Engineering)

    About DOE Fellow Yulyan Arias received her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering at Florida International University. She was a transfer student from Miami Dade College from where she graduated with […]



  • Dear Dr. Lagos,
    Thank you for engraining “GANAS” in us fortunate DOE Fellows at FIU.  Today, the University of Tennessee – Knoxville confirmed my Ph.D. in Energy Science and Engineering with an interdisciplinary minor in computational science.  The DOE Fellows program and your mentoring will forever be impacting my life.
    Very best regards,

    Stephen Wood, Computational Engineer University of Tennessee Joint Institute for Computational Sciences (JICS)