Danny E. Brenner (Mechanical Engineering)

Danny E. Brenner (Mechanical Engineering)

About DOE Fellow:
Danny Brenner graduated from Florida International University in April of 2007 in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Chemistry, Computer Science, and English. He had a full time position as a subcontractor at NASA’s Kennedy Space (Florida International University-NASA program under a grant with Richard Burton). Danny is now a full time employee at General Electric.  His future goals gain profession development in the Aerospace industry after his completion of studies. He still has a great passion for nuclear sciences and venturing towards nuclear aerospace.

Accomplishments as a DOE Fellow:
Mr. Brenner worked on “Chemical Process Alternatives for Radioactive Waste” under the supervision of Mr. Jose Varona. Mr. Brenner worked on the communication protocol for the ILSM system. ILSM ( In-Line Solids Monitor) system is an engineering design for development. Danny also assisted with fluid mechanics calculations for system design.The project consisted of dynamic measurement of the weight percent solids in a High Level Liquid Waste (HLLW) pipeline. Once sampled, the analyzed slurry is reintegrated into the pipeline. The method of obtaining the data was through use of a double coriolis meter setup. Process automation will be utilized for data recollection along with remote access of the sampled data.


Modification and Instrumentation of a Siemens In vitro X-ray CT Scanner for Bioenergy Sample Characterization
Oak Ridge National Laboratory –Oak Ridge, Tennessee June 2008 – August 2008

ORNL Measurement Science and Engineering Systems Division. The project he labored on consisted of repair and troubleshooting of a micro Computed Tomography (CT) system. The instrument has the capability to provide a microstructural characterization at about 10 micron resolution. The samples to be analyzed consist of wood core samples (alfalfa, switch grass, aspen). Information garnered from the microstructure can provide insight into processing and production of biofuels.


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