DOE Fellow Roger Boza is participating in his third consecutive 10-week summer internship (2nd remote internship) at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) under the direct mentorship of Dr. Ahmad Al. Rashdan, a senior research and development scientist in the nuclear science and technology directorate at INL. Roger is working on two projects both of which require the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to tackle computer vision tasks with Deep Learning (DL) algorithms and techniques. Using neural networks, Roger is detecting fire and smoke in images and video stream in real-time. By leveraging the machine learning algorithms, he is also pushing drone’s navigation systems forward into an autonomous solution for Route Operable Unmanned Navigation of Drones (ROUNDS). The goal for this task is to determine if there is an obstacle in front of the drone during its flight path. His research will help the modernization efforts of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP). The projects he works on are funded by the Department of Energy Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program.

“Working at the Idaho National Laboratory has been amazing; I am surrounded by a team of brilliant researchers. The internship has been very fun. I’m thankful for having the opportunity to participate and contribute to such an important research.” – Roger Boza (DOE Fellow, Ph.D. Student, Computer Science)

“Roger has been working on enabling drones to fly autonomously in indoor environments. His role in enabling the drone to recognize and use visual features in the environment through innovative means was key to the ROUNDS technology success. ”  – Ahmad Al Rashdan (Senior Research and Development Scientist, INL)