FIU’s Science and Technology Workforce Development Initiative (DOE Fellows Program) is pleased to present the DOE Fellows Alumni Booklet. This booklet features five outstanding former DOE Fellows STEM students that have graduated from FIU and started their career within the DOE Complex.

I would also encourage you to browse our website at You will be amazed at the type of work these students (DOE Fellows) are doing. Our DOE Fellows are being specifically trained and mentored in DOE’s Office of Environmental Management technical areas of need. Our Fellows are competitively selected among FIU’s top STEM (science, engineering, technology, and math) students and support FIU’s Applied Research Center research in support of the DOE EM mission. These areas include soil/GW, D&D, high level waste treatment/processing, robotics, and information technology. Their applied research has won awards at national and international conferences such as the Waste Management Symposia, American Nuclear Society, and American Chemical Society. Their practical knowledge and training of EM environmental challenges are unique. We take pride that our DOE Fellows are not only technically sound but well-rounded. Their presentation skills and project management knowledge have set our DOE Fellows apart from the rest of the college students across the US. Once hired, our DOE Fellows are ready to hit the ground running and will be able to immediately contribute to your organization without extensive and costly training. The five DOE Fellow Alumni featured here are a true affirmation of the program’s value and success. We are proud of their accomplishments and their contribution to our industry.

“In the end it’s the support the younger generation gets from us more “mature” humans that will not only make a difference in their lives but also in the world we all live in.”

Dr. Leo Lagos

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