The Argonne National Laboratory held its annual Facility Decommissioning Training Course in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 22-25, 2010. Three of our DOE Fellows (Leydi Velez, Ramon Colon, and William Mendez) participated in this training which is aimed to provide information on the basics steps in the decommissioning process and impart lessons learned from past experiences in decommissioning. This training course has been offered by the Argonne Decommissioning Program for the past 11 years, and has awarded over 1000 ‘Certificates of Completion’ to course graduates. Leydi, Ramon, and William had the opportunity to learn about various key topics in D&D including: Environment Safety & Health in Decommissioning, Deactivation Process, Site/Facility Characterization, Planning and Management, Decontamination Technologies, Dismantling Technologies, and several case studies. They successfully completed the training and received a Certificate of Completion.

Training Course Website: