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Seventeen Department of Energy – Florida International University (FIU) Fellows attended the Waste Management 2012 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, from February 26 to March 1, 2012. The DOE Fellows from the DOE – FIU Science and Engineering Workforce Development Initiative met with Mr. David Huizenga (DOE Senior Advisor for Environmental Management) while at the conference to discuss their EM applied research work being performed at FIU’s Applied Research Center as well as their summer internship experiences at DOE sites, national laboratories, and site contractors. The DOE Fellows Program is being supported by EM in order to create a pipeline of minority students and engineers to help span the science and engineering talent gap necessary to complete EM’s mission. This event appeared in an article in the March 1 EM Program Update (


DOE Fellows Participation at Waste Management 2012 Symposia

Fourteen of the DOE Fellows also presented their research via technical posters during the session entitled, “Student Poster Competition: The Next Generation – Industry Leaders of Tomorrow” (Session 30).  In addition, DOE Fellows Director (Dr. Lagos) and  DOE Fellow (Ms. Heidi Henderson) participated in two panel sessions dedicated to students and young professionals – “Graduating Students and New Engineers – Wants and Needs – Are Companies Even Listening?” (Session 44) and “Young Professionals” (Session 45). The Fellows also help out at the conference by working as student assistants during the various presentations and panel session at WM12.

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