Giancarlo Pena (Civil Engineering)

Giancarlo Pena (Civil Engineering)

About DOE Fellow:
Giancarlo Pena obtained bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Florida International University where je also obtained his Master’s degree in the Fall of 2010 in Civil Engineering. After he left DOE, he obtained a full-time position where he is currently working at for a construction company as a Superintendent, supervising and managing all aspects of a construction project. His future goal is to open his own company.

Accomplishments as a DOE Fellow:
In the summer of 2007, Mr. Pena interned at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).At ORNL, Giancarlo was part of a research project related to nuclear waste treatment and shipment.

Mr. Pena worked under the supervision of Dr. Lagos to test an ICM climber technology with a custom spray applicator to demonstrate “proof-of-concept” under conditions similar to those actually found in a DOE hot cell facility. The objective of the D&D toolbox project was to use an integrated systems approach to develop a suite of D&D technologies (D&D toolbox) that can be readily used across the DOE complex to reduce technical risks, improve safety, and limit uncertainty within D&D operations. For this project a 3-D model was generated with the exact dimensions of the hot cell mock-up. After creating the model, the construction began. Mr. Pena was in charge of ensuring the construction was the same as the specs. Video cameras were installed inside the hot cell to ensure that the ICM machine was working properly and to collect data.

ICM climber beginning to apply fixative (Promar 200) to hot cell mockup ceiling

PBS fixative being sprayed on hot cell mockup wall