Dr.-David-Huizenga-with-DOE-FellowsDOE-FIU Science & Technology Workforce Development Program accepts applications from eligible FIU students at the beginning of each semester. Please check back at the beginning of the Summer 2024 semester.

To apply online or via email (doefello@fiu.edu) by submitting a completed application and supporting documents (resume, unofficial transcript and two (2) letter of recommendations).

  • U. S. Citizen/Permanent Resident Alien (A minimum of 4 years of Permanent Residency Required)
  • Undergrads (Sophomores/early Juniors and Seniors accepted to FIU graduate school)
  • Masters/PhD students (first or second semester)
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA

  • A completed application
  • Two letters of recommendation from FIU faculty members
  • Copy of unofficial FIU transcripts
  • Copy of current resume

  • Hands-on work with assigned mentors throughout the year
  • Paid 10 week summer internships at DOE sites, DOE National Laboratories, DOE Headquarters and DOE Contractors
  • Paid 20 hours per week research work at FIU’s Applied Research Center
  • Tuition waiver for graduate students(Master’s & PhD)
  • Participate/present at conferences
  • Employment opportunities with DOE, DOE national labs or DOE contractors
  • Professional development and training

For additional information contact:

picApply2Dr. Leonel E. Lagos
Program Director 
Applied Research Center
10555 W Flagler St., EC 2100
Miami, FL 33174
Phone: (305) 348-1810

Dr. Ravi Gudavalli
Program Manager
Applied Research Center
10555 W Flagler St., EC 2100
Miami, FL 33174
Phone: (305) 348-7207