We are excited to announce that our DOE Fellows Silvina Di Pietro, was invited to talk at the FIU’s Panther Alumni Week (PAW) 1st year Honors College interdisciplinary course. She talked about her undergraduate experience within FIU and the FIU’s Honors College and advised students on leadership. She stressed the importance of participating in an internship before graduating and shared her internship experience at Pacific Northwest National Lab last summer as part of the DOE Fellows Program at FIU. She concluded her presentation providing students with information about DOE Fellows program, an innovative STEM workforce development program sponsored by the US Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management (DOE-EM).

DOE Fellow Silvina Di Pietro guest lecture at Panther Alumni Week (PAW)


Silvina Di Pietro introducing FIU students to DOE Fellows program

For additional information about Silvina’s research and/or the DOE Fellows program, please visit https://fellows.fiu.edu