Amy Pahmer (Engineering Management)

Amy Pahmer (Engineering Management)

About DOE Fellow
Amy is a Biomedical Engineer graduated from Florida International University, in Summer 2008. During the Fall 2008 semester she worked on an internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Once the internship was completed, she returned to Florida International University to obtain a Master’s degree in Engineering Management. Amy left DOE and moved to Costa Rica to pursue other interests.

Accomplishments as a DOE Fellow:
Ms. Pahmer worked on a project entitled Waste and D&D Engineering and Technology Development. She assisted with project management related matters. Ms. Pahmer has also worked on projects dealing with the speciation of mercury in the sediment of the Lower East Fork Poplar Creek (LEFPC) located at Oak Ridge, TN. During the study, the interaction between dissolved organic carbon and mercury was evaluated using a novel centrifugal ultra-filtration device. Findings of this study allowed researchers to understand the fate, transport, and transformation of mercury in LEFPC and its watersheds and to evaluate potential remedial actions to minimize the impact of mercury on the environment.

Amy Pahmer also participated in an internship at ORNL, as mentioned above. Ms. Pahmer worked on a project entitled Coalbed Methane-Produced Water Treatment. The main purpose of this project is to demonstrate that by using adequate methods, produced water can be treated to discharge criteria. In addition, Ms. Pahmer contributed in the analysis of biodiesel production kinetics. She also assisted with the commissioning maneuver of an Atomic Force Microscope to be used in the study of surface interactions of radioactive particles and their transport and deposition.



Figure 1
Sequential Extraction with Aqua Regia

Figure 2
Supernatant Solution