Janty Ghazi (Electrical Engineering)

Janty Ghazi (Electrical Engineering)

About DOE Fellow
Janty Ghazi holds a bachelors degree in electrical engineering from Florida International University specializing in both power and communication. He is currently working towards his Masters degree in electrical engineering. His main research interests include environmental technologies, renewable energies, the development of more efficient power distribution systems, as well as the development and use of cleaner forms of energy production. After leaving the DOE, Janty moved to Lenexa, Kansas to work at Kiewit Power Engineers Co. He has now been working there for the past 3 years as an electrical engineer.

DOE Related Projects:
Janty is now working under the supervision his mentor, Jose Varona. Janty has done research on the use of ECT (Electrical Capacitance Tomography) as a potential means to determine the solid concentration of a mixture. ECT uses various electrodes to measure the differences in capacitance values throughout the mixture and can even create 2-D images of the distribution of materials inside the mixture. This technology is being developed by the Applied Research Center (www.arc.fiu.edu) for future implementation at Hanford’s high level waste tanks as a way to determine the distribution of solid materials inside the tanks.

Janty has also played a big role in the development of the Asynchronous Pulse Unit (APU). The APU is a new technology being developed in order to test the effectiveness of using pressure waves to dislodge plugs that form in nuclear waste pipelines. He was in charge of the technical aspects of this research such as calculating current draws and power consumption of various components as well as implementing circuit protection through fuses and breakers. Janty also worked on the labview program used to control and acquire data from the test system.

Currently, Janty is continuing his work on the APU where a new larger test bed is being designed to run further test on its effectiveness.

DOE Fellow Internships:
During the summer of 2011, Mr. Ghazi Completed an internship at the Hanford site in Washington working for Washington River Protection Solutions (W.R.P.S.) under the supervision of his mentor Robert Gurnick. Hanford is a secure government facility which currently holds 53 million gallons of radioactive waste. While there, Janty assisted the engineering design group in various electrical engineering design tasks which were essential to the upkeep of facilities.

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Asynchronous Pulsing as a Means of Unplugging Pipelines

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